FirstNet Applications Catalog


Highly secure and reliable apps, curated just for you

FirstNet provides a dedicated App Catalog with mobile tools that meet your unique needs. 

Every app is inspected

Thanks to the FirstNet app inspection process, you can trust that every included app is relevant, highly secure and reliable.  And with additional FirstNet Certified™ apps you can take comfort in knowing your operationally-critical needs are met with tools that passed an even higher degree of scrutiny and vetting.

Apps are already transforming public safety

First responder activities are already being enabled by the growing number of new and innovative apps.

  • Agencies are augmenting their LMR (land mobile radio) with the reach and capabilities afforded by interoperable push-to-talk and multi-media on FirstNet (PTT on FirstNet video)
  • First responders are using a vast array of apps that automate their administrative tasks and simplify their most complex activities
  • And agencies are effectively engaging the community with apps that push life-saving information to the public and share immediately actionable information with on-scene responders.

Selecting the right tools – where to start

New and innovative apps are constantly being added to the inventory of FirstNet inspected apps.
Selecting the right tools, at the right time, requires a strategic implementation approach. Apps can be evaluated and selected using a three-phased approach described in App Catalog Booklet.