FirstNet App Catalog: The apps you need for the job you do

November 19, 2020

by AT&T

The general public has gotten used to digital bots and high-tech data algorithms anticipating what we “need” before we do.  So there is a growing expectation that we should use such innovations “for good” – to keep us safe by equipping first responders with the right tools.  Our ability to make that happen is now more promising than ever.

FirstNet, Built with AT&T, makes it possible for first responders and those who support them to connect and share voice, text, data, and video with ease. It’s a network designed to avoid the problems of congestion caused by large numbers of users on commercial networks in any specific location.  Open and reliable connections let you explore mobile solutions that enable highly secure communications; simplify data sharing; and help you synthesize the data into an actionable operating picture.

Apps in the FirstNet App Catalog can turn your smartphone into an ever-expanding collection of digital tools and enhanced capabilities. App empowered smartphones can transform your phone into a body-worn camera, a mobile data terminal, a portal into enterprise systems or a stack of live tactical maps. They can convert your device into a location tracker and safety beacon, a radiation detector, a digital notebook and an alarm for situationally relevant alerts. The uses are as diverse as the people using the apps.

They include digital medical alerts, field operation guides, activity and resource tracking  tools, HAZMAT and medical pocket handbooks. With the FirstNet App Catalog  which is a library of pre-evaluated apps – you can find what you need without worry. 

  • No more hunting through countless apps in the commercial app stores. If it’s in your FirstNet Catalog, you know its relevant.
  • No more worrying about whether your enterprise systems or sensitive data will be compromised. If it’s in the Catalog, you know it passed a thorough security evaluation. 
  • And no more wondering if your tool will work when you need it. If it’s in the Catalog, you know it has proven to be at least 99.9% available.

In the FirstNet App Catalog Booklet, you’ll find over 150 Android and iOS versions of 87 unique, relevant, highly-secure and reliable public safety apps.  You and your agency can use these apps to help you:

  • Mobilize first responders with multi-media communications; endpoint security
  • Enhance mission execution with discipline-relevant tools; customized responder resources
  • Grow situational awareness with remote visibility, environmental insights; IoT support and smart maps and dashboards
  • Engage with the community with actionable information from the public or relevant messages that go to the public. 

Visit our the App Ecosystem Playlist on our YouTube Channel, where Madison County, Indiana, San Antonio, and the Texas City school district share stories about how they use apps on FirstNet.