Protests Spiral Out of Control

A crowd turns violent


Demonstrations lead to injuries

A political protest gets out of hand. Despite attempts by law enforcement to disperse crowds, protesters and counter-protesters turn violent.

How can FirstNet help?

  • Provide priority and preemption capabilities, so communication among agencies - law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and 9-1-1-public safety answering points - can continue uninterrupted, even as large groups of demonstrators saturate commercial networks.
  • Allow 9-1-1 public safety answering points to coordinate with law enforcement and EMS so they can reach injured protesters as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Enable local control, so agencies can elevate other users - for example, public works officials - in times of crisis and monitor network status in near real-time.
  • Law enforcement officials can close nearby roads quickly - before protesters are threatened by vehicles. Road closures can also help police better manage the crowd and corral persons of interest.