The Boston Marathon Bombing

The hunt for terrorists


Authorities close in...

In 2013, law enforcement agents were closing in on the suspects in the deadly Boston Marathon bombing. But the lack of interoperability among agencies was hampering communications and interagency cooperation. Police commanders couldn't provide clear direction to responding officers from multiple agencies. As more than 100 officers converged in a one-block area and engaged in a gunfight, more than a dozen responders were injured in the crossfire. One of the suspects escaped.

How can FirstNet help?

  • Provide priority and preemption, on the network dedicated exclusively for first responders to help ensure they have interoperability where and when they need it most.
  • Offer access to an application ecosystem to facilitate seamless command control - with near-real time situational awareness, and uninterrupted audio and video directly from the scene.
  • Provide local control, so local agencies can elevate users in times of crisis and monitor network status in near real-time.