Google Pixel 6a

  • Certified for FirstNet Rapid Response, and AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk
  • Supports MCPTT Quality of Service (FirstNet Rapid Response)
  • The Pixel 6a delivers premium features like a top-of-the-line camera, all-day battery, high-res display, and AI-powered Google Assistant2 along with enterprise-grade performance, all on the Google- designed Android 12 operating system and all at a budget-friendly price.
  • Packed with next-gen tech and a next-gen experience. The Pixel 6a comes with the first custom-built Google Tensor processor that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better experiences for Pixel users, such as effortlessly translating speech into text3, and 5G4 features like Duo HD5 screen sharing that help you collaborate with colleagues over a video call.
  • All-day productivity on a single charge. Pixel’s adaptive battery can last over 24 hours1 and its Extreme Battery Saver helps your phone last up to 72 hours6, even on 5G4, by turning off features you are not using and pausing apps for more time between charges.
  • Collaboration across languages. Use Live Translate to quickly send colleagues secure, private text or video messages in languages other than your own7. Translate with no apps or internet required8
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