How do I get FirstNet?

Who can subscribe to FirstNet?

Subscribers can include primary user and extended primary users. Primary users are public safety personnel whose primary mission and job is to provide services to the public in the areas of law enforcement, fire suppression and prevention, or emergency medical services.

Extended primary users are other entities that provide public safety services, and include individuals, agencies, organizations, non-profit or for-profit companies who are not primary users, but who may be called upon to support public safety personnel with the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up, restoration, or other such services that are required during the time of incident or post-incident. Extended primary users may be called on a temporary or on-going basis.

What's the process to get FirstNet?

States must Opt-In

Before a public safety entity can sign up for FirstNet, the Governor of the state or territory must agree to participate in FirstNet by Opting-In. FirstNet will deliver a State Plan to the Governor to make an Opt-In/Opt-Out decision.  Upon receipt of the State Plan, a Governor will choose whether to participate in the plan provided by FirstNet or the state is required to deploy, operate, maintain and improve its own radio access network (RAN) in the state or territory.

We are excited to share that 33 states and territories have announced their decision to Opt-In to FirstNet. Virginia made history when it became the first state to Opt-In on July 10th and Wyoming quickly followed suit that afternoon. Most recently, on November 17th, Georgia Opted-In to FirstNet’s nationwide public safety broadband network.

Connect with your local FirstNet Specialist

Once the Governor of the state or territory has Opted-In to FirstNet, you can contact a local FirstNet Specialist to learn more about how FirstNet will help public safety in its vital mission, and get information on rate plan pricing, devices, applications, and procurement options. FirstNet Specialists are available in your local area and ready to help.

33 states & territories have Opted-In as of November 25, 2017
Open List
1. Virginia
2. Wyoming
3. Arkansas
4. Kentucky
5. Iowa
6. New Jersey
7. West Virginia
8. Virgin Islands
9. New Mexico
10. Michigan
11. Maine
12. Montana
13. Arizona
14. Kansas
15. Nevada
16. Hawaii
17. Alaska
18. Tennessee
19. Nebraska
20. Puerto Rico
21. Maryland
22. Idaho
23. Texas
24. Louisiana
25. Minnesota
26. Alabama
27. Indiana
28. Oklahoma
29. Pennsylvania
30. South Carolina
31. Utah
32. North Carolina
33. Georgia

The value of Opting-In

Contact your SPOC

Connect with your state single point of contact (SPOC) to determine your state’s Opt-In/Opt-Out status

Contact a FirstNet Specialist

Get in touch with your local FirstNet Specialist to join FirstNet