The value of Opting-In

The State Plan is the culmination of years of dedicated effort, consultation, and engagement between the First Responder Network Authority and public safety professionals in the states and territories (hereafter, referred to as “states”). The First Responder Network Authority is committed to offering and deploying a robust, nationwide wireless broadband network that supports the operational needs of public safety. The State Plan demonstrates how FirstNet will provide a powerful, mature, and extensive broadband network to deliver exceptional coverage with mission-critical public safety features, including Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption (QPP).

FirstNet believes this State Plan is the right choice for each Governor in every state. Choosing to Opt-In provides:

  • Accelerated access to the FirstNet network with its exclusive public safety functions, features, and services, in the state and nationwide, on a resilient and reliable network.
  • The ability to share data and expand collaboration among first responders and other public safety personnel in urban and rural communities, rapidly improving situational awareness, safety, and response capabilities.
  • Connectivity to a robust ecosystem of innovative applications and devices tailored to the needs of public safety.
  • Economies of Scale, facilitated by FirstNet’s nationwide scope and position within the international public safety broadband community. FirstNet’s collaborations and reach put American first responders on the forefront of emerging technological advances and allow each state to take advantage of an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Freedom for each public safety entity to choose whether and when to adopt FirstNet services based on how well FirstNet meets its operational needs, on a timeline that fits its organizational requirements.