FirstNet is on the cusp of developing the first nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. Once built the network will be a game changer connecting millions of first responders with innovative technologies and applications. The network will enhance their ability to keep our communities safe and secure as a key next step for this network. FirstNet is moving forward on developing state plans for all 56 states and territories. In these plans FirstNet will outline how they can deploy the radio access network (RAN) to provide the best coverage capacity and service for public safety users in the state or territory.

Upon receipt of the FirstNet plan the governor will have 90 days to choose whether to participate in the plan provided by FirstNet or develop its own plan for RAN deployment. A state should consider many factors in making this decision such as the cost technical challenges and risk of building and maintaining its own RAN. By adopting the FirstNet plan key benefits will include the faster delivery of broadband services to public safety and no deployment costs for the state. To prepare for the state plan decision public safety can play a role by helping to educate key state officials and decision-makers about the benefits of FirstNet in their state also as the future users of the network the public safety community should work with their state points of contact (SPOC) and FirstNet on the services and customer experience they want from the FirstNet network. To learn more please visit