0:02 (Sirens)

0:04 (Music begins)

0:10 9-1-1. What’s your emergency?

0:13 9-1-2. Ambulance. 74-year-old male. Back pain. 211 Silver Hollow Rd. (Various radio conversations over music.)

0:30 (Sound of automobile crash over music. Sound of glass breaking. Music continues).

1:04 (Sirens)

1:18 (Car door opening). Sir? You okay? Hello? Sir? (Muffled cry.) On scene, see two vehicles in a crash. Personnel are aiding me at vehicle number two. They have throat mic engaged. Video is now engaged. Looks like I have a single driver… chest, abdomen and lower limbs seem intact. Occupant of the car who’s injured not making any movement. Front end of the car is damaged two-thirds of the way up. The windshield is damaged on the passenger’s side. There is starring on the driver’s side and is bleeding appearing from the patient’s head. Sir, can you hear me? Sir? Sir? Can you hear me? (Muffled groan of pain.) Patient’s responsive to pain. (Sound of ripping cloth.) Blood on chest is from head injury. (Music continues… electronic sound.) Attaching monitor now. Attached. Sending data. Getting patient’s medical history dongle. Attaching that to device and now I have a patient history. Now putting that into my device for transmission. Patient vital signs are being transmitted now. Transmitting medical history into patient database number four. That’s complete. We now have vital signs going to patient database number three. Medical notes going to patient database number two. Video going to patient database number one. All databases occupied. (Music continues to end of video.)