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Text on screen: San Francisco March 2018

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Text on screen: FirstNet Hackathon: Coding for a Cause

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There's a lot of hackathons to choose from and we're pretty active in this space but we really chose this one because we felt like well first of all is really interesting you know a lot of these hackathons is just don't have really a lot of creativity to them it's like oh develop an app with our API ok well that doesn't mean anything you know what was really cool about this though is it was interesting and it makes a difference.


I'm creating an app for first app that I create because it's not just for like social media purposes or something that's cool or me it's something that's necessary and need it to help everybody this is my very first hackathon so this has been a huge learning experience for me it's given me an opportunity to really ask the questions on how to build that and for who I'm building the app for I'm happy that there were first responders here that I can actually use as subject matter experts so that I didn't have to like Google things on my own I was able to ask them like what type of app do you need and why do you need it.


As a app developer in case of for consumers and click app you always tend to think of a lot of features a lot of data can be there but in case of first responders it has to be more visual so that they can look at the app and get maximum information that they want and then act on the scene.


I learn a lot more than I thought I would be because a lot of mentors are actually coming from the field and then having the experience of being fire fighters, police and then responding to all of these requests from the citizens so actually learning from them and then to see what is the problem that they actually face in the first hand and then trying to understand and then translate it into solutions.


You know it's cool to make a difference in a corporations checkbook but it's it's even more impactful to be able to say like yeah this person is still alive potentially because of an app that I made.

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