As a first responder America depends on
you and with the new nationwide wireless
communications ecosystem built for and
by Public Safety you can depend on
firstnet you count on firstnet for
highly reliable access to voice data and
video during calls for service and
incidents but did you know firstnet also
provides backup when a natural disaster
or large-scale event takes place
starting September 30th 2018 agencies
using firstnet have access to 72
dedicated deployables they provide for
continuity of your emergency response.
operations when and where needed the
deployable program recently helped
firefighters battle wildfires rescuers
in the aftermath of severe weather and
law enforcement manage events that
included an expensive rural search and
it can help you if the firstnet
emergency response plan for your agency
involves a deployable it will be
operational within 14 hours to request
support customers contact firstnet care
during developing situations or 30 days
before a planned event dispatches should
be coordinated with regional emergency
management so that response plans and
conflicts are guided by the priorities
and principles set forth in the National
Incident Management System as a firstnet
customer these resources are free
firstnet handles delivery and
maintenance provides expert staff and
covers all the associated costs so while
America depends on you to save lives
protect property and maintain safety and
order you can depend on firstnet share
this video and visit firstnet comm