Narrator: First responders are on the front line of our safety and security. Lives depend on their ability to communicate. FirstNet is developing a wireless network just for them to modernize their communications and keep them connected every day and during every emergency. FirstNet was born out of the 9/11 Commission recommendation to enhance communications used by fire, police and EMS. This united the public safety community which pushed for their own communications network. As a result of their advocacy Congress created FirstNet as the focal point for the first nationwide public safety broadband network. The network will put advanced technologies, applications, and devices into the hands of first responders to help them save lives and protect communities.

Chris Lombard, Seattle Fire Department (WA): FirstNet represents a way for us to exchange information in a way, in a speed, and with a reliability that we've never even had available to us before.

Francis Bradley, Hualapai Police Department (AZ): With a system that’s being proposed like FirstNet, that's going to be huge in our ability to get that data back and forth without having to worry about the public's need for data exchange as well.

Mike Duyck, Tualatin Valley Fire Department (OR): We're looking forward to the day when public safety is able to do the work really unthrottled, and no matter where we are on the network.

Mike Edmonson, Louisiana State Police (Retired): We've got to make sure that when that police officer, that first responder needs information no matter where it is in your location it's got to be available, and it's got to be available right then. That's why FirstNet is so important.

Jim Voutour, Niagara Sheriff’s Office (NY): We're excited about FirstNet because of the dedicated public safety spectrum that’s going to be available to us in the event that something catastrophic happens.