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Text on the screen: Enhancing Communications in Sussex County, Delaware

Text on the screen: Rural Coverage

Dwayne Kilgo, IT Director, Sussex County, Delaware

We signed up for FirstNet due to the fact that we had a lot of dead spots in our rural area were predominantly a rural county and we depended on good connectivity with our data throughput and what's being able to make a simple voice call. FirstNet would have helped us in the past due to a earthquake that happened on the East Coast a few years ago.

During that time our Emergency Operations, our EMS staff our administration our County Administration we all lost communications with each one another due to the fact that cellular lines were all congested.

Our current carrier can't give us pre-emptive data. So in a EMS ALS situation they're tough pads are critical to functioning at all times.

I'm happy to know that I have a good solid infrastructure that I can place calls and do my job on a day to day basis.

Text on the screen: FirstNet built with AT&T

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