Sierra Wireless Full Device-To-Cloud Solution with FirstNet

Sierra Wireless offers critical communications solutions for those  who support first responders on FirstNet.​

Keeping your critical assets always-on, no matter the situation

The collaboration with Sierra Wireless and FirstNet provides those who support first responders dependable, always-on connectivity, which is essential to complete your mission.

Sierra Wireless provides a full IoT solution for critical communications with FirstNet for those who support first responders​

Critical communication for those who support first responders

  • Highly secure and prioritized connectivity with FirstNet

    When disaster strikes and networks can be congested. Those who support first responders remain prioritized.
  • A full solution for your IoT deployment

    Sierra Wireless devices (MG90 5G, RX80 5G), are FirstNet Ready® and available for use on FirstNet.
  • One place to easily manage your fleet

    A custom, cloud-based dashboard to give you confidence your critical communications stay intact.

“Since subscribing to FirstNet… we've been able to get emergency services to people quicker than we would if we had to go through traditional means."

Kenneth Laird, CEO
Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting


To learn more visit or contact us if you have a question and
would like to speak to a FirstNet Specialist.

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