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We've partnered with some of the world’s leading technology solutions to bring you and your team's mission critical solutions to help you do what you do best…save lives.

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When duty calls... we've got your back

FirstNet Embedded is a program that brings together some of the industry’s most innovative technology solutions with FirstNet, the only network built with and for first responders. We’re bringing you the technology solutions of tomorrow that will give your teams the edge they need to keep everyone safer.

Innovator of the month

Automate the investigative leads you need to solve crime with Vehicle Fingerprint ™ technology from Flock Safety

Spend less time searching for that first lead and more time clearing cases. Over a thousand law enforcement agencies across the country trust Flock Safety’s license plate reading (LPR) camera, machine learning software, and real-time alerts.

  • LPR cameras that go anywhere

    Our Falcon™, which is ready for use on FirstNet®, is infrastructure-free (solar power + LTE connectivity), installs quickly where it makes the most impact on crime.

  • Capture more than license plates

    No plate, no problem. Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology enables you to search footage by vehicle type, make, color, and other unique features.

  • Multiply your force with less

    $2,500 per camera/year includes hardware, software, solar power, data, cloud storage, ongoing maintenance, and access to 1B+ plate reads/month.


“Since subscribing to FirstNet… we've been able to get emergency services to people quicker than we would if we had to go through traditional means."

Kenneth Laird, CEO
Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting


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