Search & Rescue with LUNAR® Connected Device​

LUNAR® Connected Device is a part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform that enables more proactive and confident decisions.

Firefighter in the middle of fire holding Lunar search device.

Connect firefighters and find fires with the LUNAR® Connected Device​

LUNAR® Connected Device, which is now available for use on FirstNet, has a direct-cloud connection, edge detection enhanced thermal imaging, and firefighter-to-firefighter ranging.

The future of firefighting fits in the palm of your hand

Experience enhanced vision and improved situational awareness.

  • Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.) 

    Combines direction and distance information with thermal imaging to help find separated teammates and decrease response times. 
  • Cloud Connectivity​

    Enables an always-connected experience for individuals on and off scene, for team accountability.
  • Personal thermal imaging​

    Detects hot spots and ventilation points improving situational awareness and providing easier navigation for low visibility environments.

“Since subscribing to FirstNet… we've been able to get emergency services to people quicker than we would if we had to go through traditional means."

Kenneth Laird, CEO
Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting


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