Cloud-based command and control at your fingertips.

Person using mobile device with CommanderOne app

Emergency warning system control anytime, anywhere

CommanderOne® enables you to monitor and activate your giant voice warning sirens from a
desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Using near real-time data and outdoor warning siren status, you can make important decisions quickly and efficiently.

Federal Signal CommanderOne Cloud-Based Siren Control

Web/App and automatic siren activation for municipal and campus notification.

  • Private and highly secure with FirstNet®

    Private, highly secure, prioritized control and activation for municipal, campus and industrial mass notification.

  • Automatic weather activation

    Create automatic responses for all weather events so that dispatchers can get back on task quickly.

  • Easy upgrades to existing systems

    Upgrade kits include a Sierra Wireless RV55-LTE-A Pro Router, which is not FirstNet Ready®, and are available for all Federal Signal siren systems.

“Since subscribing to FirstNet… we've been able to get emergency services to people quicker than we would if we had to go through traditional means."

Kenneth Laird, CEO
Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting


To learn more visit or contact us if you have a question and
would like to speak to a FirstNet Specialist.

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