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FirstNet Embedded is a program that brings together some of the industry’s leading devices with FirstNet, America’s only first responder network built with and for first responders. We’re bringing you the technology solutions of tomorrow to give your teams the edge they need. We’ve teamed up with some of the world’s leading technology solutions to bring you and your teams mission critical solutions to help you do what you do best…keep people safe.


Innovator of the Month

This month, we’re featuring Allerio as our Innovator of the Month. Allerio’s Mobile Hub, which is now FirstNet Ready® is the first battery-powered, multi-carrier LTE router purpose built for first responders. Wherever the response calls, access the most reliable LTE coverage and connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices with the Allerio Mobile Hub. 

  • Increase LTE coverage by up to 50%

    Maximize coverage with 3 LTE networks in one device. FirstNet is the primary network; backup networks where FirstNet may not yet be available.

  • Stay connected beyond the vehicle

    Whether in-vehicle or on-scene, the batter-powered Allerio Mobile Hub keeps your devices connected.

  • Advanced connectivity, simplified

    One-button activation for simple operation and purchased as-a-service for easy administration.

Explore how Allerio improves emergency outcomes

“In a word, FirstNet is comprehensive. It represents the total package for us. It’s about the day-to-day functionality. It exists as a force multiplier so that all of our agencies are on board and using the system cooperatively."

John Cueto, Chief of Police
Town of Duck, NC


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