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Advanced, innovative mobile technologies deliver performance and reliability for public safety.

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A Leon Valley police officer on patrol. The small Texas city is located within San Antonio, and while only 3.4 square miles, has big city problems due to its location. They were on a large commercial carrier and experienced dropped calls and poor connectivity. Now, Police, Fire, emergency operations staff and public works are on FirstNet for the reliability, connectivity and operability.

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FirstNet offers first responders an extensive selection of phones, devices and accessories

Public safety users have access to an expansive catalog of LTE devices and phones for FirstNet, ranging from purpose-built rugged units to the world’s most popular smart devices, tablets and accessories. FirstNet gives public safety users the priority, coverage, and interoperability they need to get the job done without sacrificing choice in devices and phones.

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Frequently asked questions

Your FirstNet device questions answered

First check this list of FirstNet approved devices and phones to make sure that yours is compatible with FirstNet Evolved Packet Core.

Devices that have a FirstNet Ready® badge are those that will work on the FirstNet Evolved Packet Core simply by installing a FirstNet SIM card. Note that some FirstNet Ready® devices may also require a simple software update. You can view specific requirements for each device by clicking each device image.

While FirstNet is built on LTE technology, subscribers with 5G-capable devices or phones can connect to the 5G network provided they have a FirstNet approved device or phone that is compatible with FirstNet Evolved Packet Core.

Learn more about trade-ins and other FirstNet phone deals, on the FirstNet phone page.