Communicate. Collaborate. Coordinate.

Next-generation situational awareness makes the Intrepid Response for FirstNet platform the ultimate resource for tactical coordination and front-line intelligence.

Intrepid Response for FirstNet

Get a low-cost, simple-to use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations.

Mapping, Information Sharing, Team Mobilization, Emergency Notification, and Push-to-Talk voice communication all in one deployable solution.


Response for FirstNet Advantages

Decrease response times and minimize radio traffic during emergencies. Share secure information instantly with individuals or the entire team. Manage multiple ongoing operations at the same time. Provide interoperability among disparate groups and organizations.

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Activate your Team

Activate is a simple-to-use emergency notification and response team mobilization tool. Persistent and loud notifications alert the user overriding phone sleep settings. The user can accept or decline the callout. If accepted, they receive critical information about the incident and auto navigation to the location.

Connect Instantly

Connect is a multi-layered collaborative workspace that provides secure team communications and the sharing of digital content on demand. Teams or individuals can share text, photos, videos, collaborative documents, and whiteboards. Integrated task management with attachments and completion notification.

Combine Operations

Channels are secure information containers that enable organizations to manage multiple operations, departments, sectors, or investigations at the same time and ensure the data is ONLY viewed and updated by authorized users. Quickly move between different channels for multi-tasking.

As a result, channels allow different organizations to maintain seamless interoperability on multi-jurisdictional operations, while at the same time maintaining data integrity within their organizational users.

Aerial. Interested crowd of people in one place. Top view from drone.

Locate with Confidence

Locate is a near real-time geospatial mapping solution. View live GPS all personnel, tagged assets, markers, and areas of interest on a feature-rich mapping visualizer. Create custom map markers and colors for managing multiple teams. One-click turn-by-turn directions to team members or markers.

Built-in Push-to-Talk

We integrate our Response for FirstNet platform with ATT Enhanced push-to-talk. You can evoke PTT calls directly from the response dashboard to an individual or ad-hock group.

"Radio traffic was reduced by 80%, and we were able to
dispatch teams exponentially faster than ever before using Intrepid Response."

Communications Supervisor
Houston Metro Cypress Creek


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