Supporting responder safety and wellness

You risk your well-being to help others, use technology to make your vital job a little safer.


Connect with peers who understand

Privately connect, celebrate and commiserate with other first responders.

Responders are different.  And no one understands the highs and in-betweens of your life better than another responder.

ResponderRel8 is a peer-to-peer chat app that provides a private and anonymous platform for first responder-only interactions.


Backup when you need it most

If a responder is hit, they are fighting, fleeing or unable to communicate. 

Automatic Injury Detection (AID) requests help without intervention - or delay.

If the light-weight, sensor placed on existing body armor, is pierced by a bullet, knife or some other shrapnel, AID sends alerts to one or more phones, radios and other communication systems.


Keep responders on the roadway safe

First responders rely on the cooperation and awareness of civilian drivers when they are traveling or stopped on a roadway.

Surprisingly, civilian drivers are one of the most dangerous threats that many responders face in their daily work.

With HAAS Alert, approaching motorists receive advanced warning when equipped emergency apparatus and vehicles are nearby.


Identify and safely manage hazardous materials

When responders arrive on-scene they are often blind to hazardous materials or noxious air. Two apps provide aid.

GammaPix Pro Command - Responders are immediately notified when ionized radiation is detected by their smartphone.  No delay.  No expensive equipment.
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AskRail - Responders immediately access contents of railcars so they can keep on-scene individuals (and themselves) safe.
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Know when responders in the field require assistance

  • OnGuard Lone Worker

    Provide for lone worker safety, monitoring and automated communication and alerts when trouble is detected.
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  • Rave PANIC Button

    Easy, one-button access to call for help.
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Get streamed connection or on-demand recording of the scene.

  • Mutualink Edge

    Provides real-time radio, video and text interoperability for first responder group communications.
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  • Visual Labs Smartphone BWC

    Send livestreaming video and audio from the field and provide file tagging and location analytics.
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  • 10-21 Video

    Send and receive live-streaming video or watch recorded video on-demand via smartphones with remote tune-in from Callyo Video app.
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  • Mission Keeper Mobile

    Display streaming video from an iOS device or DJI drone from KSI Data Sciences app.
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  • Actual Live

    Southern States Network brings threat intelligence and dynamic communications to manage public venues, events and other spaces.
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