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You can’t plan a crisis, but you can plan for it. FirstNet solutions keep you connected in situations big and small.

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Connecting Utilities

When you are on the front lines of a crisis, you need technology you can trust.

FirstNet gives critical infrastructure entities such as electric, gas, and water the connectivity they need to coordinate with first responders and connect to key infrastructure and utilities personnel—all with high security and without throttling anywhere in the U.S.


Helping Utilities Support First Responders

FirstNet is available for organizations that provide public safety services in support of first responders. Learn how FirstNet helps utilities stay connected when it matters most.

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“It is vital that every utility has the
capability FirstNet provides.”

Bryan M. Fortino, CFO
Del Oro Water Company

The Power of FirstNet : When we say we're here for you every step of the way, we mean it. Here's why you should get started today:

Trusted Security and Resiliency

Designed with heightened security in mind to help resist physical and cyber threats. Ruggedized to help withstand power outages and backed by a dynamic, highly trained disaster recovery organization.


Reliable Network Coverage

Featuring more than 99% population coverage once build-out is complete and growing rural coverage.


Situational Awareness

FirstNet is built to carry high-speed data, location information, images and video to help ensure safety of personnel and assets.



Interoperable communications platform that enables FirstNet subscribers in public safety and critical infrastructure to stay connected.


Service Plans

Rate plans for your most basic or complete needs at competitive prices.

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FirstNet Rate Plans

FirstNet Devices & Accessories


Dedicated Support

Dedicated technical support is available 24/7, 365 days a year, staffed by trained professionals with experience in emergency communications.