When people are depending on you, you need a network you can rely on. The FirstNet cellular network is dedicated to First Responders and those who support them. 

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FirstNet benefits

  • Priority access

    Get 24x7 priority access to the cellular network. This means when you need to get through you will have priority over another person's usage on the network.

  • Protect your sensitive data

    Our dedicated Security Operations Center monitors the network 24x7 for physical and cyber threats and our dedicated FirstNet core has available end-to-end encryption.

  • Deployable devices for expanded coverage

    With 80+ FirstNet dedicated deployable devices, when the power goes out or you anticipate the need for more coverage, we can make sure your communications are working as fast as you are.

  • Personal device eligible

    FirstNet can be activated on your business-issued devices and/or your personal device.*

    *Subject to eligibility

  • Access for those that support

    Eligible entities that support first responders may qualify for FirstNet access and most benefits.

FirstNet includes more than just first responders

It takes many people and open lines of communication to make sure our healthcare facilities run smoothly, and that's why FirstNet is available to first responders and those who support them.

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Fast facts

10 ways FirstNet can be the difference when seconds matter

FirstNet for healthcare: Priority access for critical communications

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  • Virtual care solutions

    FirstNet prioritizes telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, which improves your customer experience and can help spot health problems before they become too serious.

  • Health records and apps

    FirstNet subscribers have priority access to the wireless netowrk, which means ultra-fast access toa  patient's Electronic Medial Records stored in the cloud.

  • Emergency fleet

    Add a FirstNet wireless modem to your hospital and ambulatory fleet to avoid competing with commercial data traffic when you need to share critical information with trauma centers, helping to improve patient care.

  • Clinicians

    Having priority to the wireless network means that even when patients are watiching their phones while they wait, you can reach the department or person you need.

  • Rapid deployment kits

    FirstNet offers rapid deployment kits that include pre-charged smartphones that are connected to the FirstNet network so even if the power goes out, your hospital or mobile emergency unit will still be connected.

  • Communications

    FirstNet Push-To-Talk allows interoperability between LMR devices in addition to group calling all with priority access on the network.

  • Red Phones

    FirstNet devices can replace or back up Red Phones.

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

    Within the Internet of Medical Things, a variety of objects can be turned into smart devices to enhances patient care. For example, those objects can include heart monitors, medications, and wheelchairs. FirstNet helps ensure that the connection between those devices and the cellular network are prioritized.

  • Private Brand Exchange

    Private Brand Exchange is a private telephone network used within an organization. FirstNet can extend that network access to smartphones.

  • Emergency backups

    Hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms can't afford even brief system outages. Wireless backups on FirstNet means doctors always have access to key communications, applications, and systems.


FirstNet was built for you  FirstNet is the nation's first cellular ecosystem designed to help support first responders, hospitals, healthcare professionals, emergency care teams and those that support them with reliable, highly secure connectivity during everyday emergencies and in disasters.
The technology you need FirstNet can help your facility enhance security, optimize your processes by gaining insights with IoT devices that can help you solve complex challenges in near-real tie - with potentially life-saving results.
Preparation and support FirstNet has a variety of applications and tools to help your hospital maintain organizational readiness, support emergency staff, and stay in constant contact with hospital staff - because every one of you have an important role to play.
Government accountability FirstNet is a government-contracted network and AT&T, its builder, is held accountable to high standards of service, including coverage buildout and network reliability. You can feel confident knowing the FirstNet network is trusted by private and government emergency personnel across the country.
Cybersecurity FirstNet helps you maintain the security of your critical infrastructure and patient data. We employ a multi-layered defense, including geographical redundancy and 24/7 monitoring by a dedicated U.S. based security operations center.

Healthcare, supporting first responders

Strong communication 24/7/365 is essential, and any absence of communication can cause potential harm to healthcare professionals and their patients. FirstNet is here to help.

Learn how the FirstNet dedicated secure network helps the field and the hospital communicate effectively to save lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FirstNet?

FirstNet is the nationwide public safety cellular network, services, and solutions dedicated to first responders and those who support them. We are accountable for keeping your lines of communication open with dedicated mission critical solutions that will help to modernize public safety.

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