Why select your tools from the App Catalog?

Because it's easier and safer.

Your dedicated library has only relevant, highly secure and reliable apps.

Dependable tools

Combined/stacked view of the FirstNet Certified and FirstNet Verified badges (black and white images with  FirstNet logo and slogan, "Built with AT&T").

Look for the FirstNet badge of approval


Be certain the mobile tools selected for your responders has been approved for FirstNet

Built for you

4 firefighters with masks on prepare to engage fire, standing outside of their truck with the Chief outlining their plan of attack on a FirstNet mobile tablet device.

You can trust each app is relevant

No more hunting through millions of solutions in the commercial app stores.  If it is in the FirstNet Catalog, it is relevant to public safety and the unique needs of first responders.

Vetted for you

Close-up of a first responder tapping and browsing various security camera (20 different locations) on a Sonim mobile device.

You can trust each app is highly secure

No more wondering if an app will compromise your sensitive data or important enterprise systems.

FirstNet only includes apps that pass security reviews.  You can take comfort in knowing each app was built using industry best practices to safeguard your information.

Available for you

You can trust each is reliable

No more worrying if you can count on it when needed most.

FirstNet requires apps be 99.9% available before they are in the Catalog.

Certified for you

Official graphic with FirstNet certified devices badge with FirstNet logo and slogan, "Built with AT&T".

You can find special FirstNet Certified ™ apps

If your app is supporting operationally-critical activities, identify apps that passed additional code scrutiny.

FirstNet Certified™ apps are:

  • Available 99.99% (versus 99.9%) of the time
  • Resilient in times of failure
  • Scalable in times of changing demand

App uses & benefits

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