Check FirstNet device compatibility

Let’s quickly check to see if your device can work on FirstNet – America’s Public Safety Network, and access services like always-on, 24/7 priority and preemption across voice and data communications.

Great News! This device is compatible with FirstNet. Click here to begin using this device on FirstNet.

This device is not compatible with FirstNet.
Click here if you are new to FirstNet or an existing FirstNet customer interested in upgrading your device.


How to find your device’s IMEI number Tooltip icon

There are two ways to find your IMEI number

  • Option 1:

    From your phone's dial pad, enter *#06# on your phone’s dial pad. (Some carriers block this feature.)

  • Option 2:    

    Android: go to settings, select About device, then select Status

    iPhone: go to settings, select General, then select About

  • * If more than one IMEI number is displayed, input the first IMEI or Primary IMEI.