A secure, reliable communications solution designed for first responders

Don't let your messages get caught in mobile carrier spam filters. FirstNet Messaging integrates with your computer-aided dispatch systems.

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Village of University Park, Illinois, police, fire and EMS are all on FirstNet.

FirstNet Messaging can help enable faster responses. Smarter communications at your fingertips. Learn more


Supporting first responder communications

  • Geofence group creation

    Dynamic groups creation using a geofence with a radius you determine

  • Communicate more

    Attach files, photos, and videos up to 100MB each and voice memos up to 10 minutes

  • Visibility

    Rest easy knowing your messaging was received with confirmations for sent, delivered, and even read messages

  • Technical help

    With our trained technical support on standby 24/7, you can rest easy knowing you'll have the help when you need it

  • Federated contacts

    Easily share or import contacts from other agencies

  • Compatibility

    Messaging service works with major U.S. carriers and is also compatible with any device with text message capabilities


Plans to fit your agency's needs

FirstNet agency and subscriber paid


Agency and subscriber paid: first responder, sworn law enforcement, medical, EMS, etc.

FirstNet extended primary

$3 MRC per line/license

Taxes extra. Extended primary: government and private utility, civil air patrol, non-medical healthcare, non-sworn law enforcement, etc.

FirstNet Messaging portal


Details of FirstNet Messaging features for reliable communications

Features Details  
Boost efficiency in a wide range of applications FirstNet Messaging can boost efficiency in a wide range of applications, including Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Systems Monitoring and Auto-Escalation, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Lead Notification and Data Disbursement, Business Process Automation (BPA/BPM), and Workforce Management, Field Service Automation (FSA).  
Broad compatibility Save on deployment—FirstNet Messaging is compatible with most devices capable of receiving text messages, with major US carriers, and supports a range of messaging protocols (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, and TAP). Send and receive messages on-the-go from virtually any mobile device and keep your messages separate from the rest.  
Geofence group creation
A customer can easily create an instant group chat using a geofence with a radius determined by the creator. The map will display dots within the radius illustrating users' location and the number of users in the new group chat.  
Delivery confirmation Gain peace of mind and help reduce remote worker errors with confirmation that vital information has been received.  
Apps for both Android and iOS handsets and tablets Get access to the entire company directory to help you stay in touch while on-the-go. This capability is simple to use and available at no additional charge to all FirstNet Messaging users.  
Highly secure messaging The Secure Messaging feature requires use of the Messenger App or web portal. All user communications are encrypted (message content and any attachments) at rest, in transit, and on the mobile device. It supports industry regulatory compliance for HIPAA, FINRA, FISMA, FIPS, and Dodd-Frank. Other security features include a PIN lock on mobile devices, message expiration, message delete on read, and remote wipe of a mobile device by an administrator.  
Spam protection Minimize frustration and distraction with the power to filter SMTP (email) messages, and block messages from unapproved domain names.  
Seamless support, 24/7 Obtain specialized technical support from FirstNet whenever you need it.  
1,000-character messages Send more detailed information, which means no more clipped, unintelligible text strings over multiple traditional SMS messages.  
Two-way group and individual notification and response Drive efficiency with a solution that’s simple to integrate with other enterprise systems and automation software and even easier to manage and use.  
Federated contacts Agencies can quickly share or import contacts with other agencies as requested by the agency admin.  
Channels with presence indicator New channels concept with a presence indicator that allows users to self-opt-in for faster communications.  


Frequently asked questions

FirstNet Messaging is a group notification and messaging interface that enables enhanced notifications and response features needed for business messages.

It’s a website or application that allows users to create address book contacts and user groups, send and receive group messages, view message history, and receive delivery receipts.

FirstNet Messaging allows you to send messages to groups as large as 20K, get notifications when your messages are sent, delivered, and read, and supports messaging protocols TAP, SNPP, SMTP, WCTP and REST APIs. And adding the Secure Message package allows you to send encrypted messages for added security.

The service has migrated. You can see updated messaging servers here.

For existing customers, please call: