FirstNet users can find innovative solutions tailored to their needs in the FirstNet App Catalog

Posted on November 13, 2018, Updated on November 13, 2018

by Bob Sloan, Chief Operating Officer, AT&T – FirstNet Program

Over the last few months, the FirstNet team has stocking the FirstNet App Catalog’s virtual shelves with powerful and intuitive applications to help public safety users like you.

This includes heavily vetted solutions for your situational awareness, to help you handle emergencies and much more. For example:

  • Explorer for ArcGIS is a lightweight mapping app and data viewer from Esri that lets first responders create, markup and interact with their maps, even offline. This gives public safety scalable ways to collect and translate location information into a clear and actionable picture.
  • Intrepid Response provides near real-time location data on a feature-rich map and rapid media sharing among team members for greater situational awareness – all in one tool.
  • NetMotion is a purpose-built, mobile virtual private network and quality of service solution that helps to optimize and secure application traffic.
  • PulsePoint helps first responders save lives by crowdsourcing immediate care through CPR-trained citizens, allowing them to view alerts about nearby cardiac emergencies.
  • And SceneDoc is a mobile-first platform for digital evidence management and data collection to assist investigators in the field.

In addition, FirstNet now offers you a new category of apps – FirstNet Listed. Achieving a FirstNet Listed designation is easier and more cost effective for developers. FirstNet Listed apps have the same security, relevance and data privacy as those in the previous FirstNet Reviewed category. But now, security scans are completed during the review process at no added cost to the developer.

To help first responders like you do even more with mobile apps, we’re also making bundles available via the FirstNet App Catalog. These bundles will pair complementary apps together. For example, a bundle could include Esri Explorer for ArcGIS and Push-to-Talk or Intrepid Response and Push-to-Talk. These bundles give you more situational awareness with a common operating picture of the incident – all without the legwork of trying to figure out what apps to use together.

There’s never been a better time to develop and discover specialized applications that can help you save lives.

And the FirstNet App Ecosystem lets you do just that. Check it out for yourself.