While all eyes are on the eclipse, ours stay on the network

April 3, 2024

On Monday, April 8, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, giving parts of the country a front row seat to watch this historical moment.

While the eclipse itself will have no direct operational impact on FirstNet®, Built with AT&T – America’s Public Safety Network – first responders are preparing for watch parties across the country. And we are working with them to help ensure they have the reliable communications they need to keep their communities safe.

So far, the team has supported more than 75 requests from public safety agencies in nearly every state along the path of totality. This includes optimizing the network to enhance coverage and capacity and deploying public safety’s dedicated network assets. In fact, we plan to deploy about a dozen FirstNet assets to ensure first responders have the dedicated connectivity they require.

FirstNet gives give public safety agencies a level of support during emergencies and planned events that’s far beyond anything they’ve ever seen. Agencies on FirstNet have 24/7 access to a dedicated fleet of over 180 land-based and airborne assets, all at no additional charge. No other provider has deployable network assets dedicated solely and exclusively to public safety. 

Plus the FirstNet Response Operations Group (ROG) – led by a team of former first responders who understand the needs of public safety – is ready to support your connectivity needs. As public safety’s true network partner, our focus is on helping first responders stay connected and operate faster, safer and more effectively when every second counts.

For more information on smartphone photography of the eclipse, we encourage you to follow guidelines from NASA and your phone manufacturer.

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