FirstNet Users can get the fastest speeds possible today and an upgradable path to 5G in the future with access to new Cradlepoint routers

December 13, 2018

by AT&T

Starting today, Cradlepoint’s latest in-office and rugged in-vehicle 5G Evolution routers are available only on the FirstNet communications platform and AT&T network.1 The devices provide first responders with the fastest speeds possible today2 while also giving them a path to easily upgrade to 5G in the future.

These Cradlepoint 5G Evolution routers are certified as FirstNet Ready™ – undergoing more than 3,500 tests – and available only to FirstNet subscribers and AT&T business customers until March 2019.

That means first responders using these routers can experience fast connections while still benefitting from the unique qualities of FirstNet, like enhanced security on a dedicated and physically separate network core, prioritized communications, increased coverage and capacity through Band 14, and more.

  • IBR900-1200M and IBR1700-1200M – Ruggedized, GPS-enabled mobile routers built to connect a wide range of in-vehicle applications that can be used in a variety of public safety and commercial settings: police cruisers, ambulances, fire apparatuses, mobile command centers, public utility vehicles, school buses, delivery trucks, taxi and limo fleets, and more.
  • AER2200-1200M – An all-in-one office router designed for small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • MC400-1200M – A modular modem that can be used with applicable Cradlepoint routers to provide primary or secondary LTE connectivity on the FirstNet platform or other AT&T networks.

With multiple device options available, public safety entities have the flexibility to choose the right tool for the job. For example, Cradlepoint’s in-vehicle router could be used to enhance the ability of first responders to send and receive high-quality video while in the field. It can also enable computer-aided dispatch (CAD) for police cruisers, fire trucks, or ambulances. And public safety entities could drop the router into a mobile command center to establish connectivity during a disaster or planned event.

“Uniting the unmatched benefits of FirstNet with the future promises of 5G can unlock a whole new world of public safety potential. These Cradlepoint devices serve as an important step in that progression,” said Chris Sambar, senior vice president, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “By bringing these devices to the FirstNet ecosystem, we can continue to keep public safety on the cutting-edge in network technology. First responders can benefit from fast speeds today while getting a path to easily move to 5G at a future state without having to fully rip and replace their equipment.”

FirstNet subscribers who want to order these Cradlepoint devices should get in touch with their local sales rep. New customers can order by visiting and clicking on “contact us.”

1Until March 2019

2These new edge solutions take advantage of AT&T’s 5G Evolution network – capable of reaching peak theoretical speeds of at least 400 megabits per second for capable devices3 – and LTE-LAA network – capable of reaching peak theoretical speeds of 1 gigabit per second for capable devices.3 By the end of the year, 5G Evolution will be available in more than 400 markets with nationwide coverage planned for 2019. And LTE-LAA is in parts of 31 cities with more coming this year.