Helping first responder agencies keep their sites, data and other assets secure

Keeping your information secure is one of our key priorities at FirstNet®. And the Security Awareness Team with the FirstNet Program at AT&T is responsible for ensuring FirstNet users are up to date on various cybersecurity topics and issues. We do this by providing awareness content in videos, lesson plans and tip sheets via the FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware App.

And this content is all available to you at no additional charge. That’s one of the benefits of joining FirstNet. And it’s available to you with your service.

Agencies and individuals can download the FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware App from the FirstNet App Catalog or the app store for their specific device. And they can download content from the app to share with other first responders.

One of the benefits FirstNet provides is a “Train the Trainer” session to get you familiar with the content. In this video-call session, a cybersecurity specialist from our team will take you through the Cybersecurity Aware App content. The specialist also will take you through a sample lesson plan to show you how you can incorporate the training into your agency’s training program.

This program is great for implementing into existing programs – especially if your agency has no cybersecurity program at all. We can also discuss any particular cybersecurity problems you or your agency may be having. And we can offer custom lesson plans and content so you can learn more about a particular subject.

This is all designed to suit your needs.

We format our cybersecurity training so that first responder agencies can incorporate it into their own training regimen. Each lesson plan acts as a script for whoever is responsible for administering the agency’s program, with videos and tip sheets on how to deliver the training from the app.

Finally, a Q&A section will help you and your participants check their knowledge. And tip sheets serve as friendly reminders of the content you learned from the videos and lesson plans. You can hang these tip sheets up around the office or share them via email. Topics include the anatomy of a phish, be careful what you post, what is ransomware, and more.

The Cybersecurity Aware App contains a series of 5 different videos that touch on various topics, including:

  • Threat Tracker:  A review of cybersecurity current events covered by real cybersecurity experts and analysts. These events are prevalent to first responders, such as the colonial pipeline attack and ransomware attacks on hospitals.
  • COVID-19 Awareness: Cybersecurity analysts highlight cyber threats that revolve around the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics include tips for safely working remotely, home router safety, contact tracing scams and more.
  • Cybersecurity Academy: Provides over 20 in depth cybersecurity training videos hosted by cybersecurity analysts. Topics include social engineering, malware, ransomware, phishing, vishing, smishing and more.
  • Breach! Cyber Investigations: This animated motion comic depicts cybersecurity incidents based on real life situations first responders have encountered. Follow cyber forensic officers Cubby and Adler as they help first responders solve cases involving ransomware, spoofing, insider threats and more.
  • Cyber Safety for Kids: Animated adventures that help spread cybersecurity awareness to children of first responders, families and educational institutions. Topics include social media safety, including what to share and not share online, using caution when clicking and more.

The training materials are also available on the FirstNet Training Portal. For more information, please contact us at