Response Operations Group: The mission critical team connecting you to the information you need

May 13, 2021

by Ryan Fields-Spack - Director, FirstNet Program at AT&T

Your ability to communicate is critical – especially during a crisis or a natural disaster.

FirstNet provides the backup you need to stay connected. So, you can coordinate your  public safety response during large events and quickly restore access to the voice and data you need in an emergency.

With FirstNet, you have access to the Response Operation Group (ROG) — a dedicated team of former first responders  always ready to support you. ROG assists in deploying more than 80 dedicated deployables – including Satellite Cells on Light Trucks and Satellite Cells on Wheels. These are mobile cell sites that link to FirstNet via satellite. They don’t rely on commercial power availability. And they provide first responders with connectivity capabilities much like a cell tower.

It doesn’t stop there though. During emergent, urgent or planned events or incidents, ROG helps you:

  • Restore a fiber cut quickly
  • Place backup generation at macro sites
  • Improve in-building coverage
  • Provision devices quickly
  • Cover up to 100 square miles of area with FirstNet One, our connected blimp
  • And much more

How FirstNet restores communication 

The FirstNet deployable program has helped firefighters stay connected as they battle wildfires. It has assisted rescuers in the aftermath of severe weather. And it’s helped law enforcement maintain communications as they manage large events.

Agencies on FirstNet can connect with the ROG team and FirstNet resources at no additional charge. FirstNet provides the tools you need to help keep you connected to your team and other responding agencies.

So, while America depends on you to save lives, protect property, and keep your communities safe, you can depend on FirstNet.

GoRed in building kits

When you need in-building communications for an emergency, FirstNet has a cache of CellFi GoRed repeaters that can provide 15,000 square feet of coverage up to 50 feet inside a building. If this is the best solution, the ROG team can ship these resources to the scene for installation.

In addition to deployables, Rapid Deployment Kits – designed for use during emergencies in rural and remote areas – are available for agencies to purchase.

Agencies can use a drop kit while waiting for a FirstNet dedicated deployable to arrive. These kits include a satellite link, Cradlepoint mobile router and Sonim XP8 smartphones.

Contact your FirstNet Specialist today for more information on ordering a deployable. And see why thousands of agencies around the country have already chosen FirstNet for their communication needs.

Requesting a deployable

Q: How do I request a deployable?
A: Call FirstNet Customer Service at 800.574.7000, 24/7/365, or call your FirstNet solutions consultant. 

Q: How long does it take?
A: Once a request is received, the ROG team activates and triages the need in conjunction with the dedicated FirstNet customer liaison. We assess the situation and determine the best course of action. SatColt (Satellite Cells on Light Trucks) deployments follow a 14-hour (or less) on-air objective for emergency requests – from getting the request to having a deployable on scene and operational.

The FirstNet ROG team at AT&T will evaluate and prioritize requests from public safety agencies on FirstNet, using the National Incident Management System. This system incorporates life safety, incident stabilization, property conservation and situational awareness into deployment decision-making. Please note it may not be possible to accommodate all requests. 

Q: How do I request one for future use?
A: Call FirstNet Customer Service at 800.574.7000 or contact your solutions consultant. For planned events – such as a concert, festival or sporting event, for example – you must submit your request at least 30 days in advance of the event.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Public safety agencies on FirstNet can activate the ROG team and the solutions they provide at no additional charge.

Q: Are we limited to FirstNet deployables?
A: No. In addition to the more than 80+ dedicated deployables, we may coordinate with AT&T for access to its fleet of hundreds of deployables of varying types.

Q: Can we purchase our own?
A: Agencies can purchase their own Compact Rapid Deployable. This hitch mountable deployable functions just like any cell site and can serve as a complement to the services the ROG team provides. Contact your FirstNet consultant for more information.