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Connected response for public safety

The technology ecosystem for better communication.

Power of connection with FirstNet

Reliable, prioritized connectivity is essential for modern emergency responders.

FirstNet®, Built with AT&T is the only network built with and for first responders and those who support them. It’s designed to fit your unique and evolving communications needs with transformative mission critical solutions to modernize public safety. Together, we are unlocking innovation and an ecosystem to support next generation tools.


What is Connected Response for Public Safety?

  • Ensures reliable, prioritized connectivity, always

  • Creates a mobile office or clinical environment

  • Improves location and situational awareness

  • Enables interoperable communications

  • Enhances first responders’ safety and well-being

The core four technologies of connected response

In-vehicle solutions for police officers, EMS professionals and firefighters improve location and situational awareness, provide reliable and prioritized connectivity, create a mobile office or clinical environment and enable interoperable communications. The operational goals for your personnel remain the same, alongside the aim of enhancing the safety and well-being of first responders.

These four technologies are at the core of Connected Response for Public Safety:

  • FirstNet MegaRange™

    This high-power user equipment (HPUE) solution helps boost your signal at the edge of coverage for a range of communications and needs.

  • Router – FirstNet 5G Connectivity

    The foundation of all reliable and prioritized connectivity for Connected Response. FirstNet enables public safety to connect in areas where there’s typically little or no coverage and delivers greater uplink speed.

  • Smart Device w/ Mission Critical PTT

    A public safety-grade group communications service defined by 3GPP Mission Critical standards. Delivers group and 1-to-1 push-to-talk calling, location services to map or call team members, text messaging to groups or individuals, sharing of images, video clips documents and more.

  • FirstNet-enabled LMR

    Turn a local radio system into a nationwide platform using the FirstNet network. Provides additional capability, allowing for fallover and system redundancy in the event of an outage.

Explore Connected Response for Your Agency

Law enforcement officer in car on computer

Law Enforcement

Technologies that work together make it easier and safer for your officers to do their jobs. That means robust, prioritized connectivity in and out of their vehicle. The ability to share near real-time data, video, images, text and voice. And better situational awareness and tools for quicker completion of administrative tasks.

Explore Connected Response for Law Enforcement

Download the Connected Response for Law Enforcement eBook

Firefighters in a group talking

Fire and Rescue

Above all, firefighters and their leadership require connectivity that effectively delivers critical information to support their mission of saving lives and property. This includes improving your squad’s ability to communicate with one another, with dispatch, other agencies and hospitals. It also involves reducing turnout and response times and tracking firefighter locations on-scene to ensure immediate extraction if they are at risk.

Explore Connected Response for Fire-Rescue

Download the Connected Response for Fire and Rescue eBook


Imagine reliable communication in a patient’s home, on the way to the emergency department and everywhere in between. The ability to send and receive vital information to and from the hospital in near-real time. The means for physicians to provide telehealth consults even in rural areas or locations with typically spotty coverage.

Explore Connected Response for EMS

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