Upcoming webinars provide insight into FirstNet Verified and Certified™ Apps

January 26, 2021

by Suzette McLeod - Manager, Applications Ecosystem, FirstNet Program at AT&T

You have heard us say that first responders are using FirstNet Verified and Certified™ Apps to address emergent needs. And this year you’ll get to see it for yourself in informative webinars starting in March.

Our 2021 FirstNet App Webinars will include firsthand accounts from agency leaders. These leaders will share how their agencies and communities benefit from FirstNet apps. And we’ll provide live demonstrations of these trusted, pre-evaluated, tools. So you can see how you and your agency can use these apps to advance your critical mission. 

During our first webinar, hosted by Mission Critical Communications on Feb. 11, you’ll hear about the Response for FirstNet App. Captain Jeremy Geiger of the Minnesota State Patrol will discuss how ‘Response for FirstNet’ App helped his team with situational awareness. Then we’ll share a live demo that introduces the Response suite of features, with new visibility into Z-Axis.

You’ll also learn about FirstNet MegaRange™ – public safety’s new and exclusive power class 1 High-Power User Equipment (HPUE) for Band 14. HPUE delivers stronger and more reliable connections at the cell edge and in dense urban settings such as buildings, shadows, stairwells, tunnels, and underground parking. Click here to register today.

And be sure to mark your calendars with the list of FirstNet App Webinars below. If you missed our last webinar, check out the APCO International session. Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center discuss how PulsePoint Respond and AED are helping them save lives. And Madison County Central Dispatch officials talk about their COVID-19 response and how Mutualink has helped.


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