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Coverage enhancement solutions for first responders

FirstNet offers tailored solutions designed to provide the connectivity first responders need – so they can communicate effectively when it matters most

In-building: Enhanced connectivity in critical buildings, including firehouses, precincts and administration buildings.

On-street: Extended cellular signal, exclusively available on Band 14 with FirstNet, especially at the edge of signal coverage.

Emergencies and planned events: Increase coverage and capacity when you need it most at emergencies or planned events.

In-Building solutions

Cellular networks are designed to work outdoors, and indoor coverage is not always reliable due to varying building materials. With FirstNet, agencies can take control of their indoor coverage needs

AT&T Cell Booster Pro: Improves wireless coverage in poor signal areas not covered by traditional macro network towers and is well suited for smaller buildings (less than 45k sq ft.).

Nextivity CEL-FI GO G41 FN: Dual in-building cellular coverage signal amplifier for Band 14 and AT&T Bands.

WilsonPro 140i: Band 14 coverage repeater for buildings up to 100k sq ft

NextivityTM SHIELD MegaFi (Fixed): For fixed use in command center, office, remote site, PSAP and IoT applications.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS): The DAS network of small antennas enhances wireless services within a designated building.

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On-Street solutions

FirstNet MegaRange is high power user equipment that can significantly boost cellular transmission strength, especially at the edge of signal coverage, allowing responders to operate further away from wireless towers and from other users.

Nextivity SHIELD MegaFi (Mobile Kit): For use in vehicles on land, over water or wherever the mission takes you.

Nextivity SHIELD MegaGo: A purpose-built portable case solution for FirstNet MegaRangeTM powered by the AW12 HPUE Modem.

Satellite solutions: Providing a broadband LTE network and advanced satellite-based communication capabilities to help keep agencies connected.

“With FirstNet MegaRange™, we noticed a substantial coverage improvement in remote areas, and we sustained high data speeds even as we moved further away from wireless towers.”

Jared Vandenheuvel, Program Coordinator with Texas Department of Public Safety

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Satellite services

FirstNet provides a broadband LTE network and advanced satellite-based communication capabilities. These services help FirstNet link key agency professionals – even in remote areas and extreme settings.

Through Inmarsat Government, FirstNet offers a range of satellite solutions. Choose from satellite phones and transportable broadband solutions to full network recovery capabilities. There’s a solution to meet your agency requirements and budget.

For more information visit https://www.inmarsatgov.com/firstnet/.

Solutions for emergencies and planned events

First responders need to have reliable communication during planned events and emergencies.  First responder agencies on FirstNet can purchase and maintain their own FirstNet Compact Rapid Deployable™ (CRD) or miniCRD for FirstNet to deploy and generate reliable connectivity – when and where they need it.

CRD for FirstNet: You can deploy your very own Compact Rapid Deployable (CRD) within minutes 

miniCRD™ for FirstNet: Highly portable FirstNet Deployable Kit contained in two ruggedized cases

Response Operations Group: You can contact your FirstNet Solutions consultant to request support from the ROG team or submit a request on FirstNet Central.

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