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FirstNet Ready®


FirstNet® customers have access to an expansive catalog of FirstNet Ready® smart and innovative devices, ranging from purpose-built rugged units to the most popular mobile devices smart devices and tablets on the market today. FirstNet provides first responders and those who support them truly dedicated coverage and capacity when they need it and unique benefits like always-on priority and the interoperability they need with the FirstNet-capable device of their choice.

  • Devices that have the FirstNet Ready® badge include “smart” devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, watches and MiFi devices that, with the FirstNet SIM card, are capable of accessing the FirstNet evolved packet core. Each device follows a rigorous device evaluation process to provide first responders on FirstNet with access to secure, high-performance devices.

    Each device must complete a battery of more than 3,500 tests assessing everything from durability and voice quality, to network impacts, battery life, screen size and resolution before going to the FirstNet Authority for final approval. This gives public safety users the peace of mind in knowing their data is safe, especially when used with an Enterprise Mobility Management solution. 

With a FirstNet Ready® device, FirstNet users have access to the FirstNet network, which allows them to maintain always-on priority across Band 14 spectrum and all AT&T commercial LTE bands. We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane. In an emergency, this band – or lane – is locked and available only to FirstNet subscribers. That means only those on FirstNet will be able to access Band 14 spectrum, further elevating their connected experience and emergency response. They never have to compete with commercial traffic. That’s unique in the industry and something public safety won’t get anywhere but on the FirstNet network.

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