Improve your indoor coverage with AT&T Cell Booster Pro

An enterprise-grade mini cell tower for first responders - and those who support them.

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Enhance in-building wireless coverage

The AT&T Cell Booster and AT&T Cell Booster Pro can improve wireless coverage in poor signal areas not covered by traditional macro network towers and is well suited for smaller buildings (less than 45k sq ft).

Learn more about the AT&T Cell Booster and AT&T Cell Booster Pro for first responder agencies on FirstNet and those who support them 

  • Improve agency experience

    Keep your teams connected and productive and improve their wireless experience. Add up to 3 devices per location.

  • Manage device by mobile app or online 

    Control and manage your device from anywhere via a mobile app and web portal using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

  • Cost-effective solution

    Cost-effective solution for quick and affordable in-building coverage.

  • Easy installation and setup

    Simple online registration and activation for self-install with optional AT&T professional installation by one of our technicians.

  • FirstNet compatible

    Enhance your agency's coverage.

  AT&T Cell Booster Pro AT&T Cell Booster
Equipment cost $699 $229
Professional install $700 N/A
Band support B2 and B14 or B66 B4 or B66
Coverage area Up to 15k sq ft 3k sq ft
Number of simultaneous users per unit                Up to 64 per device Up to 8 per device
Devices per location Maximum of 3 devices per location Maximum of 3 devices per location
Peak throughput 300M DL / 150M UL 150M DL / 75M UL
Mounting options Desk, Wall, Ceiling Desk, Wall
GPS antenna Integrated + External External
RF antenna Internal Only Internal Only
Power PoE++ (additional charge) or AC adapter AC adapter
5G roadmap 5G Clip – Coming soon No
Other Supports whitelisting  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Cell Booster Pro?

AT&T Cell Booster Pro is a device that acts as a miniature cell tower, and enables you to improve the quality of your organization’s indoor wireless service. If you have indoor wireless coverage that’s less than full strength, you can install a Cell Booster Pro device to help boost coverage.

User guides, installation guides, and other device essentials

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