Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption (QPP)

In emergencies and disasters, commercial networks can quickly become congested, meaning communications sometimes aren't available to first responders when they're needed most. That's why the FirstNet network features advanced QPP services and controls that support prioritized and efficient communications, as well as preemptive access to network resources during times of congestion. This advanced QPP service delivers highly reliable interoperable communications for police, fire, and EMS personnel as they communicate with one another, and connect to external services and applications during both emergencies and normal daily operations.

QPP is important to first responders, and that is why the FirstNet network is designed to offer priority beginning immediately after a governor Opts-In, with preemption available for FirstNet primary users in all Opt-In states on all AT&T commercial LTE bands expected by the end of 2017, including FirstNet Band 14 as it is deployed.

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