Getac VR-X20 DVR

FirstNet Ready® device¹

  • Acts as a powerful near real-time gateway, merging video and data from multiple sources at once, and enables multitasking, quick response time and trusted in-field intel from in-car systems to the command center.
  • Capture multiple camera sources simultaneously to high-performance, solid-state storage, so you can trust that you have the whole picture, not just one side of the story.
  • Speed for multitasking — configured with either the latest Intel® Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, delivering an amazing level of CPU performance.
  • Integrated with Intel Media SDK for fast video playback, processing, media format conversion, acceleration of video and image processing.
  • Runs at 100% capacity at 160 degrees F temperatures.
  • Powerful backup battery keeps you fully functional in case of vehicle collision or dead battery.
  • No-compromise configurable options provide you with a truly “purpose-built” tool for more successful implementations.
  • Validated to work with Dodge Charger Uconnect displays.
  • Full LTE integration for a total and true all-in-one platform.