Sync an Apple Watch (cellular) to a new iPhone with NumberSync®

Want to sync your watch to a different iPhone? Learn how to sync your Apple Watch (Cellular) to a new iPhone.


Use NumberSync on a different iPhone

You can sync an Apple Watch (Cellular) to:

Already synced your Apple Watch (Cellular) to an iPhone? First, unpair the watch from that device.  Then, use NumberSync to connect it to a new iPhone.

Sync your new iPhone

If you’ve upgraded to a new iPhone, make sure to complete the activation process before syncing it to your Apple Watch (Cellular).

  1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and follow the prompts to start pairing.

  2. Scroll to and select Cellular. Select Set Up Cellular.

  3. Select Set up Cellular again. Syncing to another iPhone with a different mobile number? Select OK when you see a message asking if you want to sync with another phone. (If you upgraded to a new iPhone you won’t see this message.)

  4. If your iPhone and Apple Watch are on separate accounts, enter your FirstNet or AT&T user ID and Password. This should be the user ID that is associated with your iPhone number.

  5. Enter the desired emergency address. This is the address where you’ll use the watch most often.

  6. Read the important information, then select the checkbox.

  7. Select Continue when finished.

  8. On the Sync requested screen, you should see a message indicating that NumberSync should be available shortly. Select OK.

  9. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your watch.