Unpair and turn NumberSync® off on Apple Watch (cellular)

Learn how to unpair your watch and turn off NumberSync from your iPhone.


Unpair your Apple Watch (Cellular) from your current iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

  2. Once you see the My watch screen, tap All Watches.

  3. Select the information icon.

  4. Select Unpair Apple Watch.

  5. Select Keep Plan.

  6. Wait for the process to complete before attempting to sync to a new iPhone.

Note: Unpairing NumberSync service will remove the syncing between the Apple Watch (Cellular) and the iPhone. However, the watch will stay on your plan, and any monthly reoccurring charges will continue. If your watch is on an Agency Paid account, please contact your company’s telecom manager or other authorized order placer to cancel your rate plan. If your watch is on a Subscriber Paid account, please contact FirstNet Customer Service at 800-574-7000.