Internet of Things Solutions (IoT)

You can’t control the emergency, but you can manage the outcome. Let’s talk about FirstNet IoT solutions for your organization.


Connecting all your assets with IoT

FirstNet IoT advantages allow first responder agencies and those who support them to quickly and easily deploy devices critical to the mission using a FirstNet SIM that automatically connects to the FirstNet network platform. The FirstNet IOT mission is to help make communications simpler, safer, faster and more effective for public safety.


From public safety, to transportation, from smart cities to healthcare, IoT enhances communication

The FirstNet mission is to help make communications simpler, safer, faster and more effective for public safety. FirstNet gives critical infrastructure entities such as electric, gas, and water, the connectivity they need to coordinate with first responders and connect to key infrastructure and utilities personnel—all with high security and without throttling anywhere in the U.S.


IoT helps improve response time and information sharing

FirstNet IoT is available for first responders and organizations that provide public safety services in support of first responders. Learn how FirstNet IoT helps you stay connected when it matters most.

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“In a word, FirstNet is comprehensive. It
represents the total package for us. It’s about
the day-to-day functionality. It exists as a force
multiplier so that all of our agencies are on
board and using the system cooperatively.”

John Cueto
Chief of Police
Town of Duck, NC

Ease of Management

Control Center for FirstNet is a platform that centralizes device management by enabling connectivity and information exchange between IoT devices and applications.

Control Center for FirstNet allows public safety agencies to efficiently deploy and manage critical IoT devices such as body worn cameras, trunk mounted modems, mobile data terminals, asset trackers, and smart cities sensors.

For more information: Control Center Free Trial


Situational Awareness

FirstNet is a leader in IoT technology—an ever-expanding network of devices that allows organizations to deploy and control critical devices easily and quickly using a single, FirstNet SIM that automatically and remotely connects to the network.

FirstNet can help your organization enhance security, optimize processes and gain insights that can help you solve complex challenges in near real-time—to help save lives.


Service Plans

Rate plans for your most basic or complete needs at competitive prices.

For more information:

FirstNet IoT Rate Plans

FirstNet Devices & Accessories


Government Accountability

FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions that are dedicated to first responders and those who support them. FirstNet is a government-contracted network that is held accountable to high standards of service including coverage buildout and network reliability.

Your organization can feel confident knowing the FirstNet network is trusted by private and government emergency personnel across the country.


Dedicated Support

FirstNet's catalog of LTE devices is ever expanding to offer innovative accessories with advanced public safety functions at competitive prices that are at or below existing standard commercial pricing.

Dedicated technical support is available 24/7, 365 days a year, staffed by trained professionals with experience in emergency communications.


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