Network security is the cornerstone of the FirstNet network

Cyber-attacks and cybercrime are increasing dramatically, and the ability to combat these threats is becoming more complex, challenging, and critical to mission success. Public safety agencies are often the target of cyber-criminals, hacktivists, and rogue nations. As such, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to FirstNet.

FirstNet delivers a comprehensive ecosystem solution that takes on much of the security burden for these agencies. The highly available, redundant, physically separate, dedicated core was designed to comply with many standard security regulations and needs, and it will continue to evolve to take advantage of new technologies and address emerging requirements.

Security Operations Center: 24x7x365 monitoring by trusted, experienced security professionals

Integral to FirstNet’s capabilities is a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) as well as a security engineering organization, both staffed by FirstNet security experts. The SOC monitors and manages FirstNet traffic 24x7 and employs many of the security systems and procedures that AT&T has honed over decades of operating its highly secure global networks.  The engineering unit focuses solely on the security needs of FirstNet but collaborates closely with the thousands of other engineers working throughout AT&T.

Features and benefits

Advanced Analytics

Deep insights going beyond signature-based monitoring to machine learning with advanced analytics.


Data Intelligence

Access to one of the most robust datasets in the world allows us to correlate and analyze FirstNet network, AT&T network, and 3rd party traffic.


Teams and Tools

The FirstNet security experts monitor the network 24x7 in our two secured and dedicated Security Operations Centers.