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Privacy information for FirstNet users

Dec. 18, 2023

AT&T’s FirstNet service is made available for first responders around the country at all levels of government and local organizations and other public safety entities who answer the call when emergencies arise. The First Responder Network Authority (“FirstNet Authority”) is an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its mission is to develop, build and operate the nationwide, broadband network that equips first responders to help save lives and protect communities. AT&T provides services pursuant to a contract with the FirstNet Authority to maintain a single, nationwide, interoperable communications network dedicated when needed to public safety communications.

When you use FirstNet services you are considered a non-consumer customer of AT&T and are subject to AT&T’s Privacy Notice as incorporated in and modified by this document. We do things a little differently for the FirstNet service and it is important that you read and understand the general AT&T Privacy Notice and the overriding exceptions and special provisions below:


What is the FirstNet service?

The FirstNet service is provided by AT&T on behalf of the FirstNet Authority. The FirstNet service includes wireless voice, text and data service plans specifically for first responders and other public safety users, provided via a special, National Public Safety Broadband Network (the “FirstNet Network”).


Who are FirstNet users?

FirstNet users are first responders and other public safety users who have enrolled in FirstNet services, either individually or through the agency or organization for which they work or with which they are associated. If you are a FirstNet user who has subscribed individually to the FirstNet service (such as someone using a personal phone instead of a phone supplied by your employer to access the FirstNet service) you are still considered a non-consumer customer. The entire AT&T Privacy Notice applies for services other than FirstNet service that you use.


How are AT&T’s practices different for FirstNet users?

While the AT&T Privacy Notice generally governs FirstNet users, some things are different:

Sharing your information – The FirstNet Authority and FirstNet subscribing agencies and organizations, including yours, will have access to your information to, among other things, manage priority levels during emergencies and to review AT&T compliance with its FirstNet contract. They will have access to your name, title, device identifier, telephone number, location, and other information about your device and your use of FirstNet Services. By using FirstNet Services, you consent to the collection and disclosure of this and other information.

Sharing reports with the Government and Public Safety entities – AT&T may share your information in de-identified or aggregate format with the FirstNet Authority and certain other public safety entities. These reports may be provided as part of our contractual obligations for providing FirstNet Services.

Marketing, advertising, and external marketing and analytics reports – AT&T will not use FirstNet user information for any marketing or advertising purposes other than to market FirstNet apps, services, and supporting devices. Nor will AT&T use FirstNet user information to create External Marketing & Analytics Reports, as described in the AT&T Privacy Notice. However, if you are an individual subscriber to FirstNet, AT&T may use the fact that you are a FirstNet subscriber (but not any other information about you or your FirstNet services) to qualify you for certain offers on AT&T’s consumer products. We obtain information from other sources, like credit agencies, marketing companies, and other service providers.

FirstNet apps and other services – As a FirstNet user, you may be able to download and use third-party mobile apps and services that are available for FirstNet users. Your use of these third-party apps and services may be subject to separate terms, which you should review carefully. The AT&T Privacy Notice and this document do not apply to information you give to companies or entities other than AT&T.


How can FirstNet users contact AT&T with privacy related questions?

You can contact us by:

  • Emailing us at
  • Writing to us at AT&T Chief Privacy Office, 208 S. Akard, Room 2901, Dallas, TX 75202.
  • Customer service contact numbers can be found at



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