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Frequently asked questions


Review the FirstNet eligibility list for first responders and those who support them.  Contact FirstNet customer service for account help.

Log in to FirstNet verification and then follow these steps:

  • You will complete a one-time phone number validation. This step will not appear if already complete.
  • Review proof of eligibility document options. Only one document from the list is required.
  • Documents must meet requirements provided for the specific document type.
  • Accepted file formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF
  • Upload up to 3 documents, if needed
  • Your document(s) will be reviewed and you will receive an update via email/text within 24 hours

Couples who are both first responders need separate accounts. Make sure your accounts are verified and then contact FirstNet customer service for additional account support.

Visit your local AT&T store or signup online and select the option to port your number from another carrier.

If you have an existing FirstNet account and want to port in a number for an additional device such as a wearable, login to FirstNet Central and navigate to Manage Services & Billing > Shop.

To connect to the FirstNet network, you need a FirstNet SIM card. If you’re a FirstNet subscriber, you can get a FirstNet SIM card in any of these ways:

  • Go to your local AT&T store or an AT&T authorized retailer and pick one up.
  • Call FirstNet Customer Service number at 1-800-574-7000.
  • Order online when you purchase or upgrade to a FirstNet approved device.

Note: FirstNet SIM cards aren’t available separately online.

For more details, explore our whitepaper, FirstNet benefits and considerations. To start your migration, visit

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Frequently asked questions

First responder discounts and offers

Get wireless voice, text, and data services at a competitive price. FirstNet plans are a smart investment at a good value for public safety entities. Explore FirstNet rate plans for individuals, agencies, families, and international travel.

You can find all available discounts and offers on our website. As a FirstNet customer, you can take advantage of available discounts when you purchase a phone or device. There are additional device and activation offers for individuals and agencies available, as well as offers for your family as part of our FirstNet and Family plan.  ​

The FirstNet and Family plan gives you the best of two networks to keep your worlds connected. First responders and the extended public safety community get the mission-critical wireless network and prioritized connectivity of FirstNet, and families get to save 25%* on the world-class connectivity of AT&T. All on one bill, with one point-of-purchase, and dedicated US-based service and support.

*Available only to verified FirstNet Subscriber Paid User. 25% off eligible lines after credits starting within 3 bills. Add’l fees, taxes, charges & other restr’s apply.

With FirstNet and Family:

  • You can mix FirstNet & AT&T services up to 20 lines per account
  • You can be on the same account as other first responders in your household
  • Each FirstNet user on the account is limited to one phone, watch, tablet and hotspot
  • FirstNet voice service counts as a line towards multi-line pricing on eligible plans

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Frequently asked questions

About FirstNet

FirstNet is the only nationwide wireless broadband communications platform built with and for America’s first responders and the public safety community. This reliable, highly-secure communications platform brings public safety agencies and first responders the prioritized connectivity they need to help them keep themselves and their communities safe. Public safety’s sensitive communications are routed through a dedicated evolved packet core, so they never have to compete with commercial traffic.

FirstNet is available to every first responder in the country – career or volunteer; federal, state, local or tribal; and urban, suburban or rural – and those who support them. And we continue to work closely   with local telecom providers across the country to more quickly address rural and tribal coverage needs. FirstNet is first and foremost for our country’s first responders. Think law enforcement, EMS personnel, firefighters, 9-1-1 communicators and emergency managers. To help make public safety’s coordination and communication as easy and seamless as possible, FirstNet is also available to an extended community of users that could be called on to help support first responders. Known as extended primary users, they support the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean up, restoration or provisioning of medical care and other services required during the time of an emergency or its aftermath.

FirstNet provides America’s first responders with the highly secure and reliable connectivity they need, when they need it – whether in a crisis or a routine task. FirstNet users have access to all AT&T LTE commercial bands, as well as Band 14 spectrum. We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane. This is the nationwide, high-quality spectrum set aside by the U.S. government specifically for public safety.

During an emergency, this band – or lane – can be cleared and locked exclusively first responders and the public safety community. That means only those on FirstNet will be able to access Band 14 spectrum, further elevating their connected experience and emergency response.

The public safety community on FirstNet now has access to the nation’s largest coverage footprint, reaching more than 2.97 million square miles across the country – 250,000 square miles more than any other network. With Band 14 and AT&T commercial bands, FirstNet reaches over 99% of Americans.