Sync a Samsung Galaxy Watch3, Watch4 or Watch4 Classic to a new Android smartphone with NumberSync®

Want to sync your watch to a different Android smartphone?


Use NumberSync on a different Android smartphone

You can sync a Samsung Galaxy Watch3, Watch4 or Watch4 Classic to:

Already synced your Samsung watch to an Android smartphone? First, un-sync the watch from that device . Then, use NumberSync to connect it to a new Android smartphone.

Sync your new Android smartphone

If you’ve upgraded to a new Android smartphone, make sure to complete the activation process before syncing it to your Samsung watch.

  1. Turn watch on and open Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. Follow prompts to complete Bluetooth pairing.

  2. Smartphone will prompt to setup NumberSync. To start setup process manually on the watch, select Settings, Connections, then AT&T NumberSync.

  3. Select Get started.

  4. An overview will be displayed. Scroll to the bottom and select the Checkmark icon.

  5. On smartphone, select Sync watch.

  6. Review the terms and conditions and select Agree.

  7. The watch will generate a sync code. Enter this code into your smartphone if it isn’t automatically populated.

  8. A confirmation message will be displayed on the watch and the smartphone once syncing is complete.

  9. Turn off Bluetooth when ready to use the cellular connection for the watch.