Kings III M90

Primary Path Cell/IP VoLTE Commercial Emergency Phone Communicator for FirstNet®

  • VoLTE Technology. Voice Over LTE.
  • Cellular voice communication solution for elevator and emergency phones replaces the need for up to 4 POTS line(s).  
  • Meets the ASME A17.1 2.27 Elevator Code Requirements
  • Works with Kings III emergency elevator phones for code compliant, 2-way voice communications from any elevator to the Kings III Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC). 
  • Exact location and exact elevator are known to the EDC operator and the operator has the ability to call back into the cab.
  • The Kings III M90 will work with up to (8) emergency elevator phones when connected to the Kings III EDC Call Center.
  • Meets the 2010 and higher codes of the ASME A17.1 ( which requires that an alarm activates on site when there is a phone line or communications failure.
  • Comes with an over 4-hour back-up battery to meet the ASME A17.1 ( Code Requirements.
  • Built-in ability for an automatic call test to EDC. 
  • No AC power needed from elevator cab. Note: Outdoor pool and help phones do require power.
  • No batteries inside the elevator or on top of the elevator. All batteries are in a fixed location outside of the elevator where the VM90 is mounted in the machine or telephone room. Easy to maintain and service.
  • Kings III technology offers incredible, crisp, 2-way voice with the ability for the operator to communicate with passengers during test calls and emergency situations or elevator entrapments.