AmberBox Gunshot Detection System

  • Instant gunshot detection - Through tri-factor authentication, AmberBox provides instant gunshot detection and notification to 9-1-1 and building security in under 3.6 seconds.
  • Universal threat detection - Additional sensing for the most common workplace violence threats, including aggressive voice, glass break, blast and unusual disturbance.
  • Notification to all responders - Immediate notification through call, text and email. Automatically bridge on-site security personnel with 911 dispatch on a conference call.
  • Full operational intelligence of an unfolding situation - Share near real-time event data, with precise gunshot location and timing, building floor plans and weapon type.
  • Ready for use on FirstNet® - In the event of an active shooter incident or natural disaster, IT networks and cell towers can become overloaded. The connection to FirstNet is critical to ensuring that the emergency message gets through.