Flock Safety Falcon LPR Camera

  • Flock Safety Falcon™ LPR Camera: ready for use on FirstNet®
  • Infrastructure-Free: With solar power and LTE connectivity, we can install the Falcon where it makes the most impact on crime in just a few weeks
  • Safety-as-a-Service: Get software, data, cloud storage, maintenance, and access to a network of 1B+ plate reads/month for one subscription price.
  • Vehicle Fingerprint™ Technology: Search footage by vehicle type, make, color, license plate state, missing and covered plates, and other unique features like bumper stickers, decals, and roof racks.
  • Cost-Effective: $2,500 per camera/year includes hardware, software, solar power, data, cloud storage, ongoing maintenance, and access to 1B+ plate reads/month so you can multiply your force with less.
  • Private-Public Partnerships: Thousands of communities use privately-funded Flock Safety cameras nationwide. This means law enforcement has access to more footage without the additional cost.
  • Detect objective evidence 24/7: Instead of knocking on doors after a crime occurs, proactively deploy ALPR cameras or transform existing IP cameras into cameras that see like a detective 24/7 without overtime pay.
  • Deliver near real-time actionable data to your agency: Give Dispatch a birds-eye view of your jurisdiction and empower your Patrol Officers to be more effective in the field with near real-time notifications related to active investigations.