FirstNet® IoT Connect: Revolutionize emergency response

FirstNet® IoT Connect integrates critical data, multimedia, video and asset information gathered by connected sensors and devices in a centralized environment.

The more you can see, the more you can solve

This offering is a single, centralized monitoring and control portal across FirstNet subscriber's portfolio of IoT capabilities.

Now, monitor, manage, and share data and information between public safety agencies, government offices, 9-1-1 directors, schools, hospitals and other key resources.

Unrivaled alone – unbeatable together

Combines the power of FirstNet, IoT, Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), and Cloud Services for greater efficiency, visibility and responsiveness.

FirstNet IoT Connect diagram
  • Integrates with trusted networks
    Supports 5G, Private Mobile, VPN, and MEC

  • Supports diverse sensor ecosystem
    In public safety, fleet management, building management, and asset management

  • Customer Specific Service
    Configuration and hosting support provided via FirstNet Professional services 

Connect to protect

See it. Analyze it. Act on it.

FirstNet® IoT Connect offers flexible and customizable plans that bring together a wide range of connected devices and sensors within a scalable application supporting small to large deployments.

Beyond serving PSAPs and First Responder data, FirstNet® IoT Connect is purpose-built to help FirstNet subscribers see disparate data in a single space.

Unite near real-time data to help improve real-world decisions

With the numerous IoT capabilities available in the marketplace, there are hundreds of individual solutions that require monitoring and management via separate user interfaces. FirstNet® IoT Connect was created to address the cumbersome operational model to correlate disparate technologies and data.

Your central location for vital sensor information

  • Enhance situational awareness in a unified, centralized single platform
  • Integrate command and control across multiple IoT solutions
  • Remote sensing and near real-time alerts help reduce incident response timeImprove incident sharing between operations centers
  • More efficient collaboration between first responders
  • API integration with any 3rd party sensors and applications, as requested

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