4RF Aprisa LTE Router Gateway

  • FirstNet Ready™ device
  • Certified to meet tough vehicle ISO electrical and SAE vibration standards
  • Power control features for vehicle battery endurance
  • Hazardous environments Class 1 division 2, Groups ABCD
  • Protection from electromagnetic transients
  • Industrial temperature range for extended service life
  • Multi-mode serial port
  • Dual carrier SIM support (private to public LTE failover capable) with flexible failover mechanisms
  • IP-SLA feature support for full path integrity
  • Dual Ethernet and single SFP fiber or electrical interfaces with path failover ability
  • Optional Wi-Fi 802.11ac with MIMO and both access point and client modes 
  • Wide range of VPN options including Layer 2 & 3 GRE, IPSec and DMVPN with spoke-to-spoke support and modern cryptography 
  • Complex dynamic routing protocol support including OSPF, EIGRP, and MP-BGP
  • Stateful Zone-Based Firewall (dynamic packet filtering) with VRF-aware
  • Advanced security, including autonomous anti-tamper mechanisms
  • GNSS/GPS tracking
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