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FirstNet Trusted™


FirstNet is a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology – an ever-expanding network of cellular connected devices that collect and exchange data to help support the public safety mission. IoT can provide significant benefits for public safety, and examples of these cellular-enabled IoT devices include:

  • Sensors that provide situational awareness of gunshots, hazardous material detection, or vitals of a first responder.
  • Routers and Modems that keep police cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances connected to local, state and federal databases.
  • Cameras worn by a first responder to provide near real-time streaming of an incident as it unfolds back to command.

Other connected device examples include those that support GPS location vehicle tracking, license readers, smart buildings, smart grids, thermal cameras, drug detectors, e-ticket writers and more.

These new devices and new types of connectivity need to be kept secure. To truly benefit public safety, the data has to be reliable and accessible to the first responder.

  • The FirstNet Trusted™ program was created to assess those risks. IoT devices that have earned the FirstNet Trusted™ badge have been subjected to thousands of requirements and tests and certified for use on FirstNet, just like FirstNet Ready® devices.

    So, when agencies and users see that FirstNet Trusted™ badge, they can be confident the device they’ve chosen meets strict cybersecurity and network connectivity requirements.

IoT devices face unique security issues, so FirstNet Trusted™ cybersecurity testing is extensive and focuses on these critical categories:

  • Secure by default configuration
  • Software security state
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Data protection
  • Logical access to interfaces
  • Software and security update ability
  • Cybersecurity best practices

Like FirstNet Ready® devices, FirstNet Trusted™ devices undergo Network Connectivity testing to ensure they will work on the FirstNet network. FirstNet Trusted™ devices must:

  • Support access to the FirstNet Evolved Packet Core using a FirstNet SIM
  • Auto-provision IMS services after SIM installation
  • Maintain always-on priority across Band 14, and all of the AT&T commercial LTE bands
  • Meet band priority selection technical requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please visit for information on how to certify your device on FirstNet.

Once you have started the device certification process at, you will be connected with a vendor coordinator who will help you each step of the way. If you have general questions, please connect with us at

This program applies to device manufacturers that wish to certify their IoT Devices for FirstNet.

Qualifying devices are IoT devices like routers, devices that provide basic connectivity, devices that may be attached to meters, office, etc. The following devices would not apply:

  • Laptops running a desktop operating system such as Windows or Chrome
  • Consumer grade wearables (e.g., Apple Watch)
  • Consumer Mi-Fi pucks
  • Mobile handsets and tablets running a consumer grade operating system such as Android or iOS

To find more information about the program, please head to