Google Pixel 7

Pixel is the device that works wherever you do. Equipped with trusted Google technology and built-in threat protection, Pixel helps Public Sector employees securely connect and collaborate from anywhere.

  • Certified for FirstNet Rapid Response, and AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk
  • Supports MCPTT Quality of Service (FirstNet Rapid Response)
  • The next generation of productivity with Google Tensor G2: Google Tensor G2 makes Pixel 7 faster, more efficient, and more secure1. Pixel 7 uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better experiences for Pixel users.
  • A battery that provides all-day productivity: Pixel’s Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours2, by prioritizing power to the apps you use most.
  • Collaboration without borders: Use Live Translate to quickly send colleagues secure, private text or video messages in languages other than your own. Translate with no apps or internet required3.
  • Improved efficiency and mobility: With customized device management, Public Sectors can customize access to data and materials to specific employees so they can access sensitive data wherever they go.
  • Have control of your fleet: Avoid downtime by customizing scheduled OS updates for all your devices when your Public Sector is ready. When updates are forced last-minute, it slows workflows and downtime is extremely costly. With scheduled updates, Android maximizes your Public Sector’s uptime.
  • Collaborate at the speed of 5G4: Pixel makes the most of 5G.
  • AT&T Device Management Program Eligible: AT&T’s Device Management Program (DMP) is a complementary service that provides automated enrollment support for manufacturer device enrollment programs like Android zero-touch.