Axon Body 3

  • Improve video quality: With video evidence, image quality is everything. Axon Body 3’s reduced motion blur and improved low-light performance enable you to better see the truth at any moment.
  • Multi-mic audio: Featuring multiple microphones, wind noise reduction and other advancements, Axon Body 3 lets you play back crystal-clear audio for a better sense of what happened at the scene.
  • Handsfree activation & alerts*: Axon Body 3 can send real-time alerts, like when a weapon is deployed, allowing your agency to act fast during critical situations.
  • Live streaming*: Axon Body 3 can stream audio and video to Axon Evidence (, so officers and command staff can pull up a real-time view and act with greater awareness.
  • Live maps*: See officers’ locations when recording within Axon Evidence with GPS.
  • On-device encryption: Axon Body 3 features disk encryption.
  • Full-shift battery: Axon Body 3 will last for 12 hours, so you can depend on it for your entire shift. You can even recharge it while the camera is on.
  • Pre-event buffer: To help ensure key moments aren’t missed, Axon Body 3 supports up to a two-minute pre-event buffer with configurable audio.
  • Sleek & rugged design: The camera hardware strikes the perfect balance between a clean and super-strong design that can survive even the harshest conditions. 
  • Expanding capabilities*: In the future, take advantage of new features like live evidence preview, “Find My Camera,” seamless post eventtranscription & reporting, priority offload, and more.
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