RATT Hitch-Mount Telescopic Mast

Rapid Aerial Platform to Support Public Safety’s Mission

  • The Rapid All-Terrain Tower (RATT) is now FirstNet Ready®
  • Portable tower for special events, critical incidents, mobile video surveillance, search & rescue and thermal imaging
  • Not just for cameras - deploy radio antennas, signal boosters, lighting, outdoor Wi-Fi, wireless broadband, environmental sensors and more!
  • Ease of deployment & low maintenance - no batteries, no tires to fill, no specialized training
  • MIL-STD-810 approved telescopic mast overcomes limitations of most drones such as battery life, flying in rain & no-fly zones
  • Takes one person 5 minutes to connect and goes anywhere your 2” hitch-equipped vehicle goes
  • Use a hand pump or electric compressor to elevate devices 15-50 feet in minutes on uneven terrain
  • Deploy devices such as cameras in minutes, power via vehicle’s 12v accessory port & control locally or remotely
  • Customize your deployment – hitch-mounted on a vehicle, wall-mounted on a mobile command center or building, and even freestanding on a tripod